The Importance Of Recovery & Relaxation For Footballers

After you’ve played that big and important game on a Saturday afternoon and won; your mood is high and you can’t wait to get back into training for your next match. However, before you head straight back onto the pitch on Sunday morning with your training buddies, stop and have a think about whether or not you’ve truly left enough time for your body to recover from the previous day’s game?

It’s absolutely vital that you give yourself time to recover following an intense game of football and generally, we’d suggest you take a full day to relax after a big match … which means no going back on the pitch until Monday!

RelaxationAbove all; spend the day relaxing and making sure any minor injuries are on the mend! How about heading to the local spa with your partner and spending time in a hot tub? The jets and warmth can do absolute wonders for sore muscles and, as well as their healing properties, will ensure you have a nice relaxing day!

Of course, for those of you addicted to training and exercise; there’s no harm in going for a gentle jog but, more than anything, make sure you don’t push yourself too much! It’s all too tempting to jump straight back into your training routine but we can’t stress enough how important it is to take time out!

You really don’t want to risk sustaining an injury through your body not having recovered enough and even the smallest of injury could see you off the pitch for a few matches … don’t risk it! Take a day out to relax and rest and you’ll be in much better shape come your next session.

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