The Point of Focused Training

The point of focused training is to develop players who understand the game and can play the entire game with little input from the coach. Focused training will teach the players the different aspects of the game, the subtleties of soccer, and how to succeed as the game changes around them.

Soccer is a multi faceted game; very complex with eleven components on each side continually shifting and changing as a ball moves between them. At the same time the game is very simple; use feet to put the ball in the back of the net. In this game success depends largely on the amount of training that takes place outside of the game. Soccer is a game that simply flows; there are no time outs, offenses to run, or coaches calling plays. To be successful the players must know what they are doing before the game begins. This can be accomplished thru a series of focused training sessions with competitive players focused at those training sessions. What will follow is success on the field by players who have mastered the game both technically and tactically by working with coaches in a structured environment.

This is the goal of the coach and trainer; set up a structured environment in which the players can become technical and tactical masters of the game. This structured environment must be planned before practice, written down and then executed. The game is too complex to simply show up and “run a practice”.

Within the structured environment there should be plenty of fun, however to train a competitive team it must be competitive fun, not goof around fun. Additionally, with in the structure of the sessions creativity should be encouraged as to keep play from being predictable, however the creativity should come within the structured focus of the session as to keep the focus on the skills that are to be developed within that practice session.