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Football Betting

Outright betting

Outright betting involves placing a bet on a chosen team winning an entire tournament or league instead of a single match or fixture. These odds can be available months in advance of a league or football tournament commencing, and are often referred to as antepost odds.

Example of outright betting

Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, offers outright odds on the FIFA World Cup with Spain and Brazil priced favourites to win the tournament at 5/1. A bet on either of these teams winning the tournament will therefore payout the specified odds if either one of these goes on to lift the World Cup.
Football BettingMatch Betting

Arguably the most popular and widespread football fixed odds betting market is match betting. Here the punter must correctly predict which team will win a given match or fixture. Winning odds will be posted for both teams and the bet will simply win or lose depending on the outcome of the match. Due to the fact that a significant number of football matches in draws, a third ‘draw’ option is offered on all football match bets.

Match betting example

Ladbrokes offers match betting markets on a Champions League match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The odds are displayed as Home (Real Madrid) 13/8, Draw 5/2 and Away (Bayern) 11/10. A football fan can therefore bet on any possible outcome in the match. A bet on Real Madrid winning at odds of 13/8 will therefore pay out at this price if the Spanish side wins the fixture.

Goalscorer Betting

The goalscorer betting markets allow punters to bet on a particular player scoring a goal during a football match.

Three different markets – 1st, last and anytime

There are three variations of goalscorer betting with punters able to bet on 1st goalscorer, last goalscorer or anytime goalscorers. The 1st and last goalscorer markets generally offer higher odds than anytime goalscorer betting markets, with the latter offering lower odds but the opportunity to make more than one winning bet in a single match.

Example of goalscorer betting

Bet365 offers odds of 7/1 on Ryan Giggs scoring the first goal of a match between Manchester United and Arsenal. The same odds are offered on Giggs scoring the last goal of the match, while a goal at any time by Giggs pays out at 4/1. If a punter places a bet on Giggs scoring the final goal of the match at a price of 7/1 and Giggs obliges with a score, the punter will earn a payout at the specified odds.

The good odds on offer in the goalscorer betting markets encourage punters to place bets on several players scoring a goal during a match. This can be particularly useful in the anytime goalscorer betting markets, where a punter can earn a payout from several different players. Backing multiple players in the 1st or last goalscorer markets is a useful way of hedging bets, but will ultimately offer a lower return if one of the selections scores as predicted.

Statistical analysis will aid and abet punters

Although this betting market may sound rather simplistic, as there are dedicated strikers in all football teams, it is not always the star performers who put their team ahead. Bettors, with the right kind of information, will generally find value in this particular football betting market and we will show you how.

It is crucial to analyse the goalscorer betting market, and all other betting markets, for that matter, by:

Assessing which player in the team is the most likely to win the match
Ascertaining which of the team members are generally responsible for penalties and free kicks
Weighing up which of the on-field contestants are in fighting form
Gauging which competitors have the best track record against the opposing team
Earmarking the participant who, traditionally, scores the most goals for his team on a consistent basis
Calculating which player offers the best value
Scrutinising the established strengths and weakness of the opposition
Ascertain what percentage of goals were scored by the top four

Another batch of statistics, that can prove invaluable, is the team’s total goal tally from the preceding season. It will not only furnish the bettor with the leading goal scorers and consequently the leading protagonists to fill the goalscorer betting berths in any given match but will also provide a useful insight into what percentage of total goals were scored by the top four.

It is then up to you, the bettor, to decide to run with the formidable four, or the rank outsiders, depending on which of the two groups managed to score the lion’s share of goals for the team!

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is a betting option used to level the playing field between two sides in a sports match, whilst simultaneously evening the odds offered on both sides in the contest. Handicaps reflect the bookmaker’s rating of each team in a football match. A team with a poor record will effectively be given a head start by the bookmaker, with additional goals added to its final score, whereas a form team will have goals subtracted from its final score.

Handicap betting example

William Hill offers a handicap betting market on a match between Andorra and England in a World Cup qualifier. England is priced at 10/11 at a handicap of -2, while at Andorra is priced at 13/5 with a +2 goal advantage in the handicap betting market.

If a punter bets on England winning the match in this market, and England win the match by 3 or more goals the bet will pay out at the specified odds. If Andorra win the match, or lose by less than 2 goals they will pay out at their specified odds in the handicap betting market.

Correct Score Betting

Correct score betting offers football fans the opportunity to place a bet on the projected score after regulation time in a football match.

Example of correct score betting

Stan James offers a correct score betting market on a World Cup match between Spain and the USA. This market features a list of possible final scores, with each of these outcomes attached to a price. For example a 2-1 victory for Spain over the United States is priced at 3/1. If a punter accepts these odds and the match ends with this score the bet will be paid out accordingly.

Correct score betting often offers some of the best odds available on a football match. With the various score permutations paying out at odds of 4/1 or higher, punters have the option of placing several bets on different potential final scores and still earning a profitable return if one of these bets is successful.