in Training

Characteristics of a good coach

Three key components of a Coach

1. Charisma – Be passionate and excitable; show them you love the game
2. Passion – Show your players you are committed to this game and their development
3. Humor – Have fun with the game, let them see that you enjoy the games and training.

Four Values of a leader

These are the core values of any leader. As a coach, you must lead. Incorporate these into your life.

Courage – mental, psychological
Intelligence – good judgment, common sense, experience
Inspiration, Enthusiasm – charisma, humor
Communication – eloquent, well spoken, understand how to relate to the person whom they are speaking with.

Keys to Growing as a Coach.

To grow – you must be humble – admit weakness, know where to grow.
Leadership comes from the having the freedom to not do it, but doing it anyway. (i.e. hard work)
Pressure is a privilege: it is a privilege to be a coach; don’t take it for granted
Team Concept: Each player must be responsible. This is important in all aspects of the game, especially important in comebacks.

Key concepts of a successful team

Fitness is number one: it is the biggest difference between the good and great teams. Get fit and maintain it. It’s hard to get fit, its easy to stay there.
Understand the rhythm of the game; it changes. Your game must change with it.
Go all out: Take a player on, don’t be afraid of contact.
Have physical courage.
Being liked is not as important as being respected.
You choose to be unbeatable: don’t let anyone dominate you; it starts with a winning mentality.
The first touch is in your head;.it’s all technical skill. Know where you are going before you receive, then do it.
Create the desire to win; play relentlessly.
Improvement only comes with a constant continual drive for greatness.
Coaching must be demanding of their players. Players must be demanding of their coaches. When these expectation coexist greatness will happen.
You play like you practice, so compete fiercely in practice

The will to win is overrated, it is the will to prepare to win that makes a difference
-Bobby Knight-

Key attributes of a successful coach

Make everything competitive. Develop a desire to win in your players. Make winning and losing matter.
Don’t be intense all the time. As the season changes bring out your calmer side. Start hard and intense, then lighten up.
One v one is not natural, especially for women; girls need encouragement to take players on. Teach them it is o.k. to beat another player.
Teach them defense and to be dominant at it.. “Don’t be a hummingbird, be a hawk. A hummingbird just hangs around the ball, a hawk dives in. “get stuck in!”-Anson Dorrance.
Be a positive motivator; whenever possible put the positive spin on the game.
Make game criticism separate from player criticisms. Separate game mistakes from personal mistakes. Make sure they know you still like them even if they make mistakes on the field.
Teach them to be artists and warriors. Be creative and be dangerous . Be artistic and deceptive.